Thank you for your interest in a career with Standard Enterprises, Inc. We are an exciting and growing property managment company and are looking for people to grow with us.

Please be sure to complete all areas of the application. Most importantly, be sure to complete the employment history and the personal references section. Failing to complete those areas could cause your application to not be considered.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed by the Human Resources Team. Should your experience and qualifications match the position we are looking to fill an HR person will contact you for a phone interview. Our process is quite lengthy as we are very selective in our selection of candidates. We will keep your application on file for 6 months.

Once again thank you for considering Standard Enterprises, Inc. and best wishes on your career path.

Property Manager


  • Issue Work Orders daily
  • Recommend any position changes and/or promotions to Standard Enterprises, Inc.
  • Handle questions and special situations involving personnel
  • Train, direct and supervise all personnel
  • Enforce company policies
  • Strictly adhere to Federal and State Fair Housing and Civil Rights Laws in regards to hiring or working with employees


  • Collect all rents when due
  • Prepare monthly cash income report
  • Prepare delinquent rentals at intervals within each month
  • Ensure that all rentals are posted in a timely manner
  • Ascertain bank deposits are mad daily
  • Prepare recommendations indicating improvements and/or projects for yearly budget. Review budgets and make recommendations
  • Follow budget guidelines and report variances with explanations
  • Approve property purchases ensuring the limit of purchasing authority is strictly adhered to
  • Make recommendations for rental rate increases
  • Perform evictions, utility cut-offs and landlord’s liens as required on delinquent rents
  • Strive to have the property be profitable


  • Check emails a minimum of 4 (four) times daily
  • Ensure all reports are completed and forwarded to Home Office and Supervisors in accordance with the scheduled reporting period
  • Review all resident applications and qualifications
  • Ensure lease files are complete as required by Standard Enterprises, Inc.
  • Ensure that the on-site office is organized as per company policies and procedures
  • Post current advertising on the web on the second (2nd) Monday of every month
  • Follow payroll requirements and ensure all time sheets are completed and reported to the Payroll Department on schedule
  • Issue Purchase Orders on One Site as needed
  • Work with contractors to complete projects on property and inspect all work
  • Effectively communicate with all personnel regarding policies and procedures as determined by the Supervisor and Standard Enterprises, Inc.
  • Exercise good business judgment
  • Vacancies – Increase office hours and telephone answering to make appointments; communicate with Standard Enterprises, Inc.; any property under 95% occupied may be required to have Saturday office hours.
  • Walk Vacancies daily
  • Post emergency telephone numbers and/or apartment numbers in a visible location when office is closed
  • Hold regular staff meetings each week and submit recorded minutes to District Manage


  • Schedule and monitor daily progress of on-site maintenance staff
  • Ensure that all service requests are completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner
  • Schedule and inspect all make-readies
  • Walk site daily to inspect for potential problems
  • Supervise maintenance staff and request additional training that may be required
  • Follow up daily on major maintenance projects underway
  • Monitor pools daily
  • Respond immediately to all emergency situations
  • Set schedules and goals for maintenance personnel

Resident Relations:

  • Review all Notices to Vacate to determine the cause and visit with resident to try to save the lease
  • Handle special resident problems and monitor all problems that may be handled by staff employees
  • Train on-site personnel on attitude toward resident services and encourage resident retention
  • Provide a “hassle-free” move-in process
  • Inspect problems in occupied units as a follow-up process after maintenance personnel have completed the assignments
  • Publish a newsletter at least quarterly
  • Oversee resident activities


  • Strictly adhere to Federal and State Fair Housing Laws in regards to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin
  • Inspect curb appeal, common areas and models daily
  • Analyze signage and inspect weekly
  • Plan advertising and marketing programs and implement on a timely basis
  • Make recommendations for special leasing programs to enhance leasing efforts. When a decrease in occupancy occurs, the office hours must be adjusted to accommodate
  • Shop competition regularly and have knowledge of their rentals, policies, lease terms, property terns, property conditions, etc. (Property Based Section 8 are exempt from this practice.)
  • Ensure that all vacancies are inspected and ready to lease
  • Train all leasing personnel in leasing techniques
  • Analyze leasing performance weekly and make recommendations for improvement; turn in traffic reports
  • Follow-up on all prospective traffic

Employee Relations:

  • Ask for things to be done, rather than demand, and explain why certain things are to be done in the required manner
  • Thank employees for a job well done
  • Meet one-on-one with employee when correcting a mistake. DO NOT chastise in front of other people
  • Spot-check maintenance employees to assure that work is done properly. This includes the work of sub-contractors
  • Be certain all employees report and begin work on time


  • Responsible for all property operations and bottom-line financial results.
  • Organize and maintain teamwork with all employees for the betterment of the property.
  • Train Assistant Managers in all aspects of property management so he/she can handle the property when the Site Manager is not present


  • General clerical and administrative duties relative to position
  • Special project as assigned by direct supervisor

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • High School degree or equivalent.
  • ARM, CPM, CAM, CAPS or other applicable industry designation preferred.
  • Computer literacy, including experience in word processing; One Site experience a plus.
  • 3 years of experience in property management including the supervision of at least 2 or more employees.
  • Good written and verbal communications kills and strong organizational skills.
  • Working knowledge of HUD, Section 8, Tax Credit, Eviction law, Fair Housing regulations
  • Possess valid driver’s license

Career Path:

Level 1: Property Manager-In-Training

Level 2: Property Manager

Level 3: Certified Property Manager


Leasing Agent


  • Telephone Marketing – Practice excellent telephone skills to make appointments
  • Greeting and Qualifying Prospects – Smile and create a good first impression
  • Product Knowledge – Have a thorough understanding of the property and what it consists of
  • Demonstrating the Product – Be ready, willing and able to walk property with prospects in an effort to “sell” them on the property
  • Closing the Lease – Be able to “make the deal, close the sale” and move forward
  • Follow-Up – The Leasing Specialist should follow-up on telephone calls, walk-ins, etc.
  • Strictly adhere to Federal and State Fair Housing Laws in regards to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin


  • Use the Resident Referral Program where applicable
  • Make calls to area employers
  • Make contact with area merchants
  • Work on resident retention (work order follow-up, resident activities, monthly newsletter, etc.)
  • General traffic (bootleg signage, flyers, contact with locator services)
  • Be aware of and participate in the cleanliness of office appearance, amenity areas, models and property


  • Complete all lease paperwork
  • Process rental applications for Site Manager’s approval
  • Maintain accurate traffic reports
  • Accept resident Work Orders


  • Maintain the highest of standards
  • Assist team effort in any way possible
  • Act responsibly and in the best interest of the property
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Collect and post rent, as requested
  • Assist in distribution of rental notices
  • Make recommendations for rent rate increases


  • Help promote good teamwork with all employees and residents and achieve high occupancy with the best residents possible


  • General clerical and administrative duties relative to position
  • Special projects and all other duties as assigned by direct supervisor  

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • Minimum high school diploma or GED
  • Computer literacy, including experience in MS Word and Excel
  • 1 year of experience in sales, customer service and leasing.
  • Good written and verbal communications kills and strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge of HUD, Section 8, Tax Credit, Eviction law, Fair Housing regulations a preferred

 Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to walk property and climb stairs to second floor minimum
  • Must be able to walk to apartments to show, rent and inspect for work detail and make-readies
  • Must be able to climb ladders to adjust drapes or blinds and inspect apartments
  • Must be able to walk property and pick up small trash items and dispose of properly
  • Must have good eyesight and hearing in order to inspect property and communicate with residents, workers and other people
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and have access to a working automobile with insurance as required by state law in order to do the banking and run other errands as needed
  • Must be able to operate all office equipment (telephones, adding machines, computers, etc.) and be able to write leases and reports
  • Must be able to perform other duties as assigned
  • Where required, must be able to mop and operate vacuum cleaner and clean floors, walls, ceilings and laundry rooms

 Career Path:

Leasing Agent


Level 1:  Leasing Agent-In-Training

Level 2:  Leasing Agent

Level 3:  Leasing Specialist

Level 4:  Leasing Manager